Preventing from email going to spam

Hi Everyone!
I have no idea what I’m doing so I hope someone can help.
Apperantely, Google has implemented new rules as of 1st of February 2024 in terms of the deliverability of emails.

One needs to add SPF and DKIM to your domain.

My domain website-wise is with Siteground I thought, but it’s also linked to Cloudflare somehow because over here is where I add DNS records and stuff.

Can somebody who knows about email marketing and these rules, reply with what I now have to do?
My email goes through Google, I had it connected to Google Suite which is now called Google Workspace I think?

I use email marketing software too, like Active Campaign and Dubsado.

Could somebody please please help me figure out what to do and how? I’m a bit lost.
Or very lost, actually.

SPF and DKIM information needs to come from your email provider(s). Any services sending your marketing email on your behalf can provide you with the necessary information for their service.

Cloudflare’s only involvement is that this is the place where you copy-and-paste that information into your DNS settings. Once you have the needed information from your email providers we can help you with that last part.

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