Preventing DDoS Attack on Website

Hello, I am new to ddos attack things, but my website received around 145,416,789 requests (found on Overview page of cloudflare) in just 4 hours which is not normal I think.

so I want to know how can I prevent ddos ? (also I want to mention that I use callbacks from telegram api to i can go for PRO plan. What I need to do after adding domain and activating the plan? As said am new so it’ll be helpful if you explain what I need to do as simplest as possible.

DDoS attacks are complex, so there’s not an easy answer.

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Can I know how can I do something like this

If the site/server getting more than 100 requests/sec than just ban the IP for about 10 minutes?

Cloudflare has something exactly for this: Rate Limiting.

You can enable and configure the feature at Firewall > Tools > Rate Limiting

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But i need to pay $0.05 / 10000 request right?

Correct. That is only for allowed requests, any requests that violate the conditions you’ve set will be blocked and not be billed for.
There are some scenario examples here that may make it more clear what you might have to pay.

But as i mentioned my site got 145,416,789 requests so i cant pay that much, !!! anything else what is available to do with pro plan?

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