Prevent Vimeo Embed code from being cached

Hi guys, I have been having issues on a wordpress page where I have embeded vimeo livestream code. During the live event something has needed to be restarted and that embed code updated. We let users know to clear they cache to see the new stream. About 25% did not manage to see any update to the stream (And chat room embed) they were already using.

I expect this is as they did not truly clear their browser caches when performing a simple page refresh. Some browsers, like FireFox, we particularly difficult to resolve for them.

I have set a nocache on these pages in my wordpress but I don’t think that would stop cloudflare from caching the page. So I’ve set page rules to bypass the cache on the specific page URL extension.

When I now view the page source I was hoping to see something telling the users browser not to cache the page. But as yet there is no cache status command showing at all in the page source. So I am wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and knows of a clean, simple and robust way to tell all browsers never to cache a particular page AND it’s contents (where those might be embed code).

Many thanks


Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default. Have you added something that forces pages to be cached?

Not anymore :wink:

We’ve added them to our nocache list on WPress. I was just after insight from anyone else as that doesn’t specifically stop a browser set to remember all history from locally caching it.

As yet I see no actual nocache or no-cache in my page headers. Do you know if I can achieve that will it stop a browser that remembers all of a users browsing history from remembering that page in any cached way? I might be overthinking it of course.

Many thanks


You can try adding a Page Rule for that page to set the Browser Cache TTL to whatever you want. That should control the cache for the embedded HTML in that page.

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