Prevent users from liking their own posts

Ok, so I’m thinking in the Cloudflare Community to get to Trusted Level 2 or 3, you need to receive likes correct? Well to get Trusted level 2, a user only needs to get 1 like! What if a user likes their own post to get Trusted Level 2? Well, I’m thinking an error should appear if you try to like your own post saying “Liking your own post isn’t allowed!” And the like will be automatically removed! This would apply for all trust levels (with the exception of Trusted Levels 1 and 4, because you don’t need to get likes to get to those trust levels!) I know the system probably doesn’t count self-likes but if it does then this would be a really good idea!

I don’t even see the like option below my own posts, I don’t think users can like their own post.

Yup! I think I just realized that you can’t like your own posts!