Prevent the use of R2 video by others


I am using R2 for my short videos for website backgrounds, and my website platform required .mp4 extension. I want to know how to prevent my videos from being used by other website owner, for their own websites.

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I just tried to connect R2 to my domain, but there comes error message when I try to open my website now.

Error 404

This object could not be viewed

You are not authorized to view this object
This object does not exist or is not publicly accessible at this URL. Check the URL of the object that you’re looking for or contact the owner to enable Public access.

My custome domain name has been emerge.

But all of website pages, including homepage, which has ho any video/ object from cloudflare R2 also get 404 error.

If your website is at, then your R2 Custom Domain should not be using the same hostname. It should be something like

Hello @sdayman ,

Many thanks for giving me a clue. But how about to protecting my background videos from being used by website other than mine, is it possible?


Once you get the hostname issue straightened out, you can use something like Hotlink Protection:

It is in paid plan, right?