Prevent showing real server's IP


My domain name registar was kicking dicks for few weeks and I was not able to renew my domain, so it was in HOLD state. During this time Cloudflare detected it’s not using CF dns servers (please, check WHOIS - it was the same there, this registrar do not change NS to something like Soon CF deleted a zone from the system.
Just now I renewed domain and see Cloudflare DNS servers are returning REAL IP ADDRESS of the server. This is a huge DATA LEAK that should be fixed, IMHO

P.S. I was not able to add the zone since the system show me message that domain is not registered. In about 10 minutes I’ve added the zone again and DNS returns CF IPs as it should be.

That’s a normal process. If a domain gets Invalid, Cloudflare will remove it after a couple of days or weeks. When your registrar renews it, it will first point to the old values, showing your origin IPs.

It seems to be solved now!?

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