Prevent rerouting from subdomain to root domain

Hi, I have set up a subdomain to host a convertkit landing page. The DNS is verified by convertkit, it was working fine but now the subdomain is getting directed to the root domain. I have no page rules setup. How do I prevent this?

Hi there!

I asked someone to take a look, and they found a Worker route with a wildcard match that covers your subdomain.

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Thanks @cf-scott for looking into this, Sorry I couldnt not understand. What do I have to do to resolve this?

Can you go to the workers of your CF account and verify that no worker is matching the affected subdomain?


I dont see any worker matching the subdomain. This is what I see under workers.

As @jnperamo was asking about, I do see that your worker has a wildcard match at the beginning. That will match subdomains. I suggest you remove that first *, then see if that fixes the subdomain redirect issue.

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Hi @cf-scott I tried removing, I get this error page

Hi @cf-scott @jnperamo I have made it work by disabling proxy. Is it ok to keep proxy disabled?

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