Prevent proxy based on country localization


My customer has a website (DNS proxy) that sometimes gets proxied by Brazil’s IP address. This cause a lot of problems because some of their client’s are blocking any request made to some countries, including Brazil. The latter is reported as a top-10 hacking countries in some cyber security advisory, along with Russia, Romania, China, etc…

I’d like to know if it’s possible for my customer to never get proxied by Brazil’s based IP addresses.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, Cloudflare (and DNS in general) is only going to broadcast the same set of IP addresses regardless of user location.

Thanks for the quick answer.

And is there a way to set a weight or administrative distance or anything that could discourage the proxy for being chosen in this set of IP addresses?

I mean, most (99% maybe) of their customers are in Canada, so I don’t know why in the first place they got to a Brazil IP. There are some canadian’s Cloudflare locations and a lot of usa’s before reaching Brazil’s imo

Cloudflare uses anycast IP addresses for proxied records. The same IP addresses are advertised out of every colo.


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