Prevent outside scanning

In Cloudflare, is it a way to prevent anyone from scanning my websites and eventually taking my content such as pictures, CSS files, and etc? My most concern is the pictures.

No. In general, anything someone can see on a computer can be downloaded and saved for their own purposes, regardless of what the site owner intends for their use to be.

The absolute best way of deterring this behavior (but not stopping it) is to watermark your images with a transparent, large logo big enough so that it’s hard to remove in Photoshop and somewhere someone couldn’t crop out.

I’d recommend doing this yourself, but if you want to have a CF app do it, there looks to be this [paid] App on the marketplace: Just note that I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t say whether or not it actually works.


You can do what Judge said; a watermark can do the trick.

Some people encrypt the images with a DRM, which makes dumping considerably harder, especially against automatic tools. Those systems also come with some legal management to deal with any DMCA for you, etc. However, these services are pricey.

I like CF doing it if it works on the website. it is a great tool. But when I tried to use it on the trial. It does not work.

Note that the marketplace is for third parties to sell add-ons compatible with Cloudflare; CF itself does not craft those.

If it does not work, your best bet is to reach out to the developers of the extension.

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