Prevent Cloudflare from automatically folding set-cookie headers

Still experiencing this issue even if it should be resolved.

Since yesterday evening our customers can not register, login or order because Anto Forgery Token gets not set correctly to cookie store in Chromium-based browsers.

When can we expect the final solution for this case? Urgent!

Meanwhile after purging all cache, the issue is resolved for us too.


Is is possible to get an indication of when / what change caused this issue? I need to create an incident report for several customers who were unable to access their system and need to include a rough indication of when this issue started

@michael.connolly1 Issue started at 13th September around 18.00 CEST for us if this helps you. As this affected every login, registration, and form submission in our case, this is a near exact date, I think.

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That is perfect, thanks Sven

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