Prestashop Shopping cart issue

Hello everyone!
I am struggling to set Cloudflare to work well with my prestashop page but unfortunately I cant seem to figure out how to solve one major problem. It is not adding products to cart, the button is working fine, the action is made, the shopping cart pop up but the actual product is not added, so it is an empty shopping cart. I am looking for advice maybe from other prestashop users that created a cache rule for this.
The shopping cart has its own link but the pop up it doesn’t …
I dont know if users encounter other issues maybe when they are logged in so maybe it would be a good idea to create a cache rule also for that area of the site but I dont know from where to start.

Thank you!

That sounds like this

Are you using rocketloader?

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Thank you for checking my post. I have deactivate all the smart cache compression and deactivate rocketloader. The problem is now fixed but the pagespeed score is very very low …It is a temporary fix but I am still looking for a better solution.

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