Prestashop problems with cloudflare


after 3 weeks I’ve activated again cloudflare PRO, but my customers continue to get the same problems
from 3 pc of 3 different lan, they have the same problem
after go inside the admin panel of prestashop 1.7 they cannot go inside it because they get a log out

is there some timeout or other possible feature to disable?

I’ve seen the Argo is not possible to active because it is not possible to do the admin login, without it I can login, but from their pc I get problem

instead from mine with linux, chrome and dns is ok

at this moment it is not possible to use cloudflare

I need the cloudflare support I cannot do all by myself to fix this strange problem

I can give you the admin access

HTTP/3 (con QUIC)
Routing Onion

can help to fix this problem?


can you give paid assistance to solve these strange problems? these appear only with cloudflare active

I’ve tested on their pc
the problem happens on chrome
also in the incognito modality active
I think it is due from cookies timeout
after 50-60 seconds I get the logout from the admin panel

how is it possible to fix this problem?

I’ve removed all cache from the browser, removed all settings

tested also on another pc, using firefox and cleaning all its data, everything is ok after 60 seconds the page continue to stay on the same page without log out

undercover navigation on chrome gives the same problem, so it is very strange

I’ve set the google dns on these pc

without cloudflare all these problems are not present

tested from a chrome of an adroid phone
I get the same problem, after 60 seconds I get the logout

it is a timeout on the cookies

I need to know how to remove this setting

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Hi @msecco were you able to resolve the issue since then? Let us know.
If the issue still persists, please share the following:

  • The specific error messages being returned and/or behaviours where you are seeing issues while on the website.
  • A screenshot of the errors you are seeing.

If the domain has active Pro Plan subscription, you can also submit a support ticket for immediate assistance.