PrestaShop PayPal Module & Cloudflare Proxy - 403 Errors

I hope this post finds you well. I’m sharing a recent challenge I’ve encountered while using the official PrestaShop PayPal module when my website is proxied through Cloudflare. The module’s PHP Curl requests and Webhook checks seem to be failing consistently with 403 errors stated on the module’s config page. The CF event logs state it is a “Bot fight mode” block.

I tried to add a rule to prevent “all WAF rules” to this subdomain, however, the issue persists.

I appreciate any insights or suggestions the community can provide to help resolve this issue. If you’ve successfully configured the module with Cloudflare or have experience troubleshooting similar conflicts, your input would be invaluable.


Hi @peter117,

You may need to disable Bot fight Mode from your WAF dashboard:

You need a Pro plan or Biz plan (or Enterprise) to upgrade it to Super Bot fight mode to disable bot rulesets.

Thank you.


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