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Hello everyone,

I’m using Prestashop with Cloudflare’s Free Plan, through A2 Hosting partnership.
There is a feature in admin -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance -> Media Servers, where another domain/subdomain can be entered in order to use cookieless static content.
Some CDNs offer a specific subdomain to be placed as Media Server. So, I was wondering if there is such a subdomain in Cloudflare as well that I can/should place that points to the root folder (public_html) of my Prestashop website?
If yes, where should I find it? (Please see attached image)

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That won’t apply here. Cloudflare provides CDN services on any domain or subdomain that’s set to :orange:. You don’t need a special subdomain.

Even if you do set up a subdomain, it’s still going to server cookies if it’s set to :orange:.

There’s no legitimate reason to object to the cookies Cloudflare sets for static files.


Thank you for your reply.

I already have a subdomain of my main domain set up as Media Server and it goes through Cloudflare as well (set to :orange:).

I’m not sure if it’s even effective and in favour of my website’s performance.

Now, do you suggest that I remove it altogether?

The purpose of this Media Server is to help prevent loading of Prestashop’s cookies, not Cloudflare’s.

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