Prestashop keeps kicking me out of admin

I signed up with Cloudflare today, changed the namesevers across and everything is good to go.

However, since doing that, I can no longer access my admin panel properly without it refreshing and getting me to log back in again. Soon as I log in, I click a tab to access a part of the admin panel and it kicks me out again. I have tried different browsers and purged my cache but nothing seems to help.

I added a rule to Disable Security, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Apps, Disable Performance for the admin login page but that has made no difference when I am actually logged in so I am unsure as to what else to do other than cancel Cloudflare and find another SSL provider.

Can someone please help with this.

Options with arrow are optional, and you also need to optimize and or upgrade your origin server to avoid 521 error, Prestashop admin is highly resource consumption as i know!

My prestashop settings are already set to those. I am not getting a 521 error, it is just logging me out when ever I try to do anything.

No! You need to disable “Check the cookie’s IP address” option. Without mod_cloudflare installed on your server, your IP is Cloudflare’s reverse proxies IP, this IP may change each time you reload the page! So Prestashop require you re-login with that new IP.

Lifetime of the front/back office cookies values are in hours.

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