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Strange behavior: very often, and in a very casual way, Prestashop logs out from the back office. And this happens only by enabling cloudflare, if I pause my domain, this behavior does not happen. And this happens with all browsers: chrome, firefox, edge, safari. What could be the reason?


Which version of Prestashop are you using?

Can you check if Prestashop is set up to “Check Cookies IP address”? Should be under Advanced Parameters somewhere. You may need to disable that to allow for dynamic IP changes.


I use Prestashop release, with php 7.2.10
I’ve a static IP on my office.


Is your server set up to restore the Visitor IP?


Since Cloudflare acts as a proxy, Prestashop might currently only see Cloudflares IP - which can change all the time.


Thanks @martin2
Just disabled “Check Cookies IP address” on prestashop… I’m cecking the behavior and let you know.


my vps have plesk onyx, o.s. debian 9.5 with nginx as proxy: do you suggest me to install mod_cloudflare (no more supported
or other suggestions?


mod_cloudflare is for Apache.

If you use Nginx then I would suggest this guide:


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