Prestashop button add to cart modal not working

Hi all

Set up cloudflare on my domain and subdomain

A big error happens to me when I press the button “add to the cart” it does not show the modal and goes directly to the cart page indicating “empty cart” after much reading I had to leave these options

Modo depuración

“Smart cache” para las hojas de estilo (CSS) NO
“Smart cache” para el código de JavaScript NO
Optimización de Apache NO


Compilación de plantillas FORCE COMPILATION
Cache NO

Now it works, but I would like to know if anyone else has another solution

Thank you

You didn’t post a URL, so we can’t test this out. I can only suggest that you disable Rocket Loader in Speed -> Optimization.

you right my url is

Where i can Rocket Loader in my dashboard of Cloudflare??

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