Prestashop admin login loop

Hi, I’m trying to run a stock prestashop application behind a pro plan proxy + argo. the app is explicitly sending no-cache for everything in /admin but if I enable the proxy it falls on a login loop. for some reason authentication on the shop itself works fine but not for the back-office (aka /admin)

is there a quick solution to that without having to drop the proxy completely or having to become a PHP developer?

Without seeing the loop itself, it’s difficult to diagnose. Is your SSL Mode here set to Full (Strict)?

yes, full strict. server uses traefik+letsencrypt. I’ll set up a dummy test site

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brand new, just for you. proxy enabled. I could login this time though :-/
[email protected]

And this test account is looping for you? I was able to log in.

it’s not looping atm. I’ll ping you tomorrow if I can reproduce it there :-/
it took a bit of time to start preventing logins on the other site

I reenabled the proxy on the other site and it happened immediately. I can’t seem to be able to send you a private message but if you could send me one I would reply with credentials :slight_smile:

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