Prestashop admin login error 302, CloudFlare and LiteSpeed server

  1. We have migrated a PrestaShop(PS) v. from an Apache server to a LiteSpeed server which includes the LiteSpeed cache module for PS and crawler enabled.

  2. Cloudflare(CF) has always been in play with both the existing and the new server.

  3. But when we enable “proxied” in DNS settings for the new server - then we suddenly can’t login at the admin URL due to a 302 error. It looks like the login page is called 2 times in a row. All other functionality on the site works flawless.

Screenshots of the main-domain which is “proxied” via CF:

  1. When we disable “proxied” in CF then we can login via the PS Admin page again.

The page just redirects to itself again and doesn’t complain about wrong user credentials or similar.
Somehow there is a conflict between CF and LiteSpeed in this setup which causes the redirect error.

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