Presta Shop Maintenance Mode registering Cloudfare IP AND it does not work

I deleted a website from Cloudflare and since then I cannot get my online store to work properly!

In Presta Shop there is an option to enter in IP address’s so that you can still see the site live while in Maintenance mode.
Well… when I select to “Add My IP” … it is adding Cloudflares IP ???

When I either add the Cloudflare IP or delete it, I cannot get my site to work in Maintenance Mode period.

I really need this fixed.

My DNS records are pointing back to my host and when I do a search on domainwhitepages, I can clearly see the DNS records being that of my hosting provider NOT Cloudflare, YET… the IP address that is Cloudflares is NOT working, nor do I see it should even be coming up there…

Anyone have any ideas please…


Ok - it’s fixed itself! YAY