Pressed some wrong buttons!

Believe I updated my SSL via Cloudflare which has then caused me to get in a flap and mess things up.

Can’t seem to add domain here, having issues across DNS and email. Hosts blame registrars, registrars blame Cloudflare.

I would just love some help please, kind of think I am 80% of the way right :slight_smile:

Thank you all


What is the domain?

It looks like it redirects to https for www, then goes into a redirect loop for that.

Make sure your SSL mode is Full (Strict).

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yes @sdayman - deffo looks like that as I get ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS and can see the loop, just have no idea where to change it… with registrars, on Cloudflare dashboard or with hosts??

Any pointers please

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@sdayman sorted thanks - should have looked at your suggestions better :slight_smile:


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