Preset page rules


Not sure if I’m in the right place. But in the page rule section if you had preset page rule the customer could just set and forget I think this would be very helpful. Example.

Have a drop down menu where they select what their sites runs off of. Let’s choose wordpress.

They select that and then their preset set options for wordpress show up.

Performance: Option 1 for fastest settings. Option 2 is for if you had a problem making option 1 work with your site… Option 1 does not work with all sites. Option 3 is for if you have a complex site that cannot be totally static but you want it to run faster.

Security: Have some security options for wordpress.

debugging: Most common settings that solve wordpress problems. Like option 1: not caching theme folder because theme option or elements not working. Option 2, not caching plugin folder because that messing up one of the plugin’s functions. etc…

When the presets are chosen, they deploy as if the person entered them manually. In this way the person not only solves the problems they have but also learn by seeing how it was done by going into the rules to see how they were set.

If they choose a static html site, then when they select that setting from the drop down menu the options are different.

etc…The manual way would still exist but for people who don’t want to fool with that would rather set it and forget it. Even though I build sites I could never quite get a grasp on what to set in page rules to get the most out of it. Building the site and dealing with the problems that come up is bad enough, then I have to also deal with Cloudflare and the problems that causes too? This is why I no longer pay for it and just went with the free thing. The extra page rules never did anything to help and I never solved a problem with them concerning cloudflare and my site working together. So I just go for speed with 3 settings.

Had to find a template that I could make my site virtually static and then turn up cloudflare to take advantage of that speed.