Prerender Ads using Workers

The Javascript code for the Ads really slow down web sites. Is it possible to pre-render ads with Workers in order to avoid this issue?

Lower score due it as always :sweat_smile:

Well, if they are mostly from external third-party sources, even with their included tracking code, CSS, images (HTML5, etc.) …

If you ignore the bad results which you obviously got due to the Ads, is your Website actually performing satisfying or not for the end-user (not to mention AdBlock extensions and similar which is popular nowadays - not sure about mobile users, but …)?

May I ask which ads? Like Google AdSense or?
I doubt as far as they are being generated depending on the content itself and other factors (user cookies, is it logged-in or not, previous search terms/queries, etc.)

thanks, yes… I was thinking to Adsense, this is the website I’d like to make faster but 90% of slowness seems to be related to ads… Workers could help me in some other way?