Prepend prefix to origin request

I have a files subdomain that is currently a CNAME directed to my Backblaze B2. Files on B2 are accessible from I would like to route these files through Cloudflare and access them from I followed this article but its process requires always accessing it from, which means every request has /file/MY_BUCKET included, which I do not want. Is there any way, using Cloudflare’s free plan, to serve requests by prepending the /file/MY_BUCKET part of the URL to the CDN’s request to my B2 origin? I have all three page rules available if they are needed.

You could use Cloudflare workers, which is a paid feature. I don’t believe there is otherwise any way to rewrite on the fly in this particular situation.


I wrote a feature request: Page Rule setting: "Request Rewrite"

If you’re stumbling upon this and hoping for the same feature, go there and give it a :heart:.

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