Prepare Workspace on Zero Trust Toggle

I’m currently implementing Zero Trust.
RDP and SMB work like a breeze and it’s awesome. the Access page also works like a charm for HTTP Apps.

My Problem is, that I have a lot of old WinForms Apps that can’t be added to Cloudflare Access since they’re not HTTP.

Is there a way, that I can e.g run a Script on Zero Trust toggle, so shortcuts of my SMB Apps can be sent to the Users Desktops and they can simply start it from there? It will then start through SMB.

What also would be nice, if I could automatically add Networkdrives to our servers on Zero Trust toggle.

Is this possible? Thanks!

Sorry, can’t seem to find an edit Button to my question.
Just wanted to say: If there would be a way or workaround to simply add the SMB Apps to the Cloudflare Access Page, that would be even better