Premium domains not yet supported

We transferred over 100 domains to Cloudflare but only one of them is returning the error “Premium domains not yet supported”

What does this mean? The only difference with this domain is that it is a 4 letters domain, so maybe that’s why GoDaddy considers it as “premium” but we bought it as a regular domain at a regular price…

This is the best article I’ve seen on Premium Domains

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So basically GoDaddy decides whether the domain is premium or not, based on random factors that they set themselves, and Cloudflare won’t transfer the domain because of that?

The domain was registered as a standard domain at $9.99, it was not bought from the previous owner, nor did we buy it at an auction. The domain is just a redirect, so no authority or SEO playing a role here.

I’m still thinking they consider it as a “premium domain” just because it is 4 letters.

But why CF refuses to transfer it?

The registry, which is the organization that controls the Top Level Domain (TLD) makes the determination on whether a domain is Premium. GoDaddy and Cloudflare are both registrars, not registries, and have no input on the Premium status of any domain.

Since the price of any given Premium domain is set by the registry and can vary, not only between various Premium domains, but also across each renewal, it makes Premium domains considerably more complicated to work with. The emphasis of the Cloudflare registry is to serve as a low cost extra value feature for Cloudflare customers. Avoiding the additional complications caused by the inconsistent pricing of Premium domains ensures that Cloudflare can meet that objective.

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