Premium Domain Support?

Does anyone know when “supposed premium” domains will be supported? I have one domain at another registrar that only Cloudflare views as “premium”. I reached out to the other registrar and they stated it is not marked as premium and I have never paid anything other than the regular price for the initial or subsequent renewals. I submitted a ticket to Cloudflare and they stated that the domain is marked as premium at the registrar. Funny when the registrar says it is not.

It’s not up to the registrar to determine if it’s premium or not. It’s the registry’s decision. Domain names with common words, or very few characters, are considered premium.

If it’s not eligible for registration at Cloudflare, they won’t get offended if you use a different registrar.

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It meets none of those! In this case, they are one and the same so them saying they have not marked it that way says it is not premium.

Something flagged it as special. And when that happens, there’s no workaround. It’ll have to stay where it is, or find a different registrar to transfer it to.

They disagree. Still, none of this answers when Cloudflare will finally start supporting these domains. The question is not whether Cloudflare will care if we have some domains at other registrars. That is a pain for us and we want all of our domains in one place. Hence why we want to know when our preferred registrar will support all our domains,

Premium domains are defined by the domain provider AFAIK. I am sure Cloudflare will take your premium domain on their enterprise registrar plan today. You’ll need to contact sales for the rate and transfer process.

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