Premium Domain support requested

Not all .dev domain names are supported. Premium .dev domains are not currently supported. Requesting support for this situation.

Error when transferring the “premium” .dev domain is the following:
“Premium domains not yet supported”

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Hi there @emooney100,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare Community, sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
Can you please further elaborate on the issue and let us know which steps you take until you observe the referenced error message? Would be great if you could also attach some screenshots.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hi there @emooney100,

In the meantime, it seems that I’ve found a feature request thread that should be appropriate for your inquiry, so please feel free to post or upvote:

Thank you.


From the Cloudflare TLD Policies, is it an error that it says the .dev TLD was recently added? I cannot transfer a .dev domain and I can’t buy any new ones either.

Trying to determine if it is an error on the Cloudflare website/if it is really supported or user error. Thanks!

No, it was added.

Are they premium domains? What error is displayed when you try to register them?

The domain I am trying to transfer is consider premium so I get that but I tried a random 10 char string and added .dev but it didn’t give an option to buy. Looks like it might have just been whatever name I was trying.

Thanks for the response.

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For Premium domain support in general (regardless of the top level domain e.g. .dev) please follow and upvote this feature request:



I want to transfer my .dev domain from Google to Cloudflare but on the transfer domain page I see “Premium domains not yet supported” error.

What can I do?

This has come up before and I’ll merge your post into that thread, Premium Domain support requested, give it an upvote :voted:

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