Premium Domain Names (Transfer)

I am sitting here somewhat flabbergasted that Cloudflare does not support the transfer of domain names the ICANN designated as premium domain names. Out of all the things Cloudflare supports, this is the one thing that was considered a bridge too far? Wow!

Here is some background…

I am (or rather was) a Google Domains customer. With the business transferring over to Squarespace (ick), I spent a couple of months keeping my fingers crossed about being able to transfer my domain names to a service provider that could match and/or exceed all the capabilities Google once provided. At the time, I was playing w/ the Zero Trust service and it just made sense to move everything I owned into Cloudflare…(all eggs in one basket). Well, I could not do that right out of the gates because several TLDs were not supported at the time, but at the end of 2023…boom…supported.

So…this weekend, I spent a lot of time moving everything over, reconfiguring, etc…only to get to the very last domain name ( and found out that Cloudflare does not support that. Now, I can pay hundreds to thousands of dollars on all sorts of services in Cloudflare, but transfer the registration of a premium domain name…that’s where the line in the sand was is VERY DISAPPOINTING especially since it is not like it is very well documented that “hey…premium domain names are something we don’t support”. I mean…how many registrars actually do not do that. I was hard pressed to find one outside of Cloudflare.

So…obviously I am irritated about this specific issue, but let me say some good stuff…I really love the end to end service here. I like the fact that I can have a one stop shop for both security and domain controls, among other services.

I really want to be able to use the entire service for everything I have (my one and last remaining domain after having transferred 29 others in). So, I am appealing to the powers that be…

PLEASE! Don’t draw arbitrary lines in the sand and allow the transfer (at least) domains folks own. You don’t have to sell premium domain names (I think the practice of calling a domain name premium is BS ), but at least let us transfer what we already own into to the registrar. It only makes sense.

Thank you for your support. Again…love the service. Just hate this one situation.


Unless you click on “Show Restrictions” its really not obvious.

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