Precedence of Countries or IP addresses in Firewall Rule

I wish to Block some countries using a Firewall Rule in firewall/firewall-rules/

I would like to Block USA but we have two good customers in the States

If I made a Firewall Rule to allow these two customers’ IP adresses how can I make it so that this rule will take precedence over the Country block rule for USA?

Is it simply the position of the Rule in the list?

Thank you


Thank you sdayman.
So, for clarity, first rule in the list is the IP addresses allowed;
Second rule in the list is the country block?

Or should it be the other way round?
The ‘Ordering’ button says “Options for rule evaluation sequence:”
so does that mean that rule number 2 takes precedence over the first rule number 1?

It works its way down the list. If the IP is allowed in Rule 1, it won’t block due to Country in Rule 2.

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Thank you!

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