Precautions when switch to Advanced SSL CERT

We currently have existing Universal domain CERT.
we would like to create a new Advanced Certificate to add addition domains. Since doing this will trigger an immediate replacement of the ‘Universal’ certificate with the new certificate, we would like to know if there are any precautions that we should take in order to avoid service disruption on the production website.

Using ACM does not delete the Universal certificate. In the order of certificate priority ACM certs are matched first, but if there is no match the Universal cert will be used. It is recommended to leave Universal SSL enabled, regardless of what other certificates you have.

The ACM subscription is per zone, so all the SANs will be within the same domain.

Once the ACM certificate is issued it will be used, but not before (which I presume if your main concern). I have not experienced any issues with client connections whenever I have enabled, disabled, deleted or otherwise changed ACM or Custom certificates.

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