Pre-setup help


The website of a client of ours, has a basic shared hosting plan at the moment, and for the most part it’s sufficient… They sell tickets to some very popular events and when those tickets are released, their traffic spikes to the point of crashing the site…

That said, 1) I realize that upgraded hosting is in order, and that’s being addressed, but 2) We implement the sucuri WAF services, and I wanted to know if Cloudflare is a replacement of that, or if it can work with sucuri? and 3) I’m not exactly familiar with Cloudflare’s service line, and would appreciate recommendations as to which product/service would best suit them for the times when they experience traffic spikes.

Thank you in advance for your time.


A CF rep should answer these questions but in the meantime I’ll offer some assistance.

  1. Yes, that might be required. See (3) below.

  2. From what I can tell, Sucuri and Cloudflare are competitors. You don’t need both. Just correctly configure one of them.

3a) A CDN such as Sucuri or Cloudflare might not help the crashing. They will cache static resources so that your server is not touched to deliver Images, CSS, and Javascripts for each visitor. That will take a load off your server.
3b) However since you’re serving dynamic pages (ecommerce/tickets) then your server still has to process each page load. Most likely that requires a few layers on the server… web server (like apache), application (like php), and the database (like mysql). Which might be too much for the server to handle.

So if it’s the loading of static resources that is crashing you - yes, a CDN will help. But if it’s simply processing a bulk of orders all at once that is crashing you, a CDN will probably not help.


perfect, thank you… In this instance they are actually using an off-site 3rd party to sell their tickets, the majority of their visitors come to the site to get the link out to that provider’s page, to buy. So, that said their site is mainly static content. so hopefully in this case the CDN will help.



Yes, it will. Make sure you use a Page Rule to cache the HTML as well. Then all requests are cached at the CDN and your server can chill.