Pre sale question about images

Hi, about Cloudflare Images monthly plan $5. I use the plugin shortpixel in my wordpress blog. How your service will help me inthis case? Is the same service, or i can use both together?


Cloudflare Images is a somewhat specific product for uploading and storing images at Cloudflare. I’m not sure it would integrate with Shortpixel although that’s a product I’ve never used.

If you’re using ShortPixel with their CDN (again, I’ve just quickly scanned the docs for you so might be off the mark) then I doubt you’ll get any beneift using Cloudflare wrt images (you get lots of other cool stuff, just not image benefits).

Cloudflare does have other ‘imagey’ features like Polish etc which might help if you’re not using the Shortpixel CDN but if you’re already compressing stuff on the backend, the benefits will vary. The tech will almost certainly not break anything though.

Maybe a WP expert can chime in, I think there’s a few around.

Thanks for the explanation, could you tell me which is the best option? Use the images on the CDN or the backend?


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