Pre-purchase Issue with Stream | Stream 服务预购问题


Recently I am considering to subscribe Cloudflare Stream service to do a live in China. It said " Stream video instantly from Cloudflare’s global network" in the product intro page.

Therefore, I am asking if the “Cloudflare’s global network” for Cloudflare Stream include server in China Mainland.

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Kai M


近期我正为我在中国大陆的一场直播考虑购买 Stream 服务。Stream 产品介绍页称其允许视频通过全球网络传输。

因此,我想了解对 Stream 服务提供的全球网络是否包含在中国大陆的服务器?

Kai M

Unfortunately, Steam is not available in mainland China.

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Hello, unfortunately, stream from Cloudflare is not available in mainland China.

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