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I am just starting out. I have created my account, Cloudflare has scanned my current DNS entries and those entries are listed correctly (A, CNAME, MX, SRV, & TXT) when I go into the DNS section of my Cloudflare account. I have compared them all to my current DNS entries and they match. I have not yet changed my nameservers to my assigned Cloudflare nameservers. My DNS entries for “www” and “” are set to Proxied, all remaining entries are set to DNS Only. Is there anything else I should check for before I perform the nameserver cutover? My main concern is that I affect email traffic in some way but from everything I have seen so far it looks correct and nothing is set to Proxied that should not be.

Then you’re all set…BUT…just make sure your email server hostnames (and anything that’s not http/s) is set to :grey: DNS Only. :orange: entries only proxy HTTP/S traffic.

Thank you for the quick response, I will double check everything again.

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@sdayman follow up question. Before I change my nameservers, if I set my all my DNS entries in the Cloudflare admin panel to “DNS Only” would that disable Cloudflare from having any affect on my traffic other than being the nameserver for my domain? Reason I ask is because I want to separate the nameserver cutover and the proxying of our web traffic into two steps. Once I know the nameserver cutover is successful then I can deal with configuring my SSL settings and enabling my traffic to be proxied. I don not want to deal with potentially troubleshooting more than one problem at once.

I would always do that when cutting over. One change at a time is much safer.

Another thing to check is that a Universal certificate has been issued, and that you have setup your SSL mode correctly before going :orange:. If everything was https before you started your Cloudflare journey, then set it to Full (Strict), and set Always Use HTTPS.

You can easily do some tests locally by editing your hosts file before going :orange:.


Thank you Michael.

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