Pre-catch files

Dear users,

I want to pre-catch some files fro my origin, so when the users begin to download them, the files are already catched.

Example: a mp4 file will be available for download in an hour. I want to send it to Cloudflare cache so when the file will be published, it is already catched and my origin won’t be overloaded by many downloads.

Is there a way? In control panel o via api that’s fine with me.


I think you should ask the support about your use case
see this for example

You can’t push any file to the edges. They will be pulled and cached as soon as as they are freqeuently accessed - per edge. Files frequently accessed from UK, aren’t cached in the US automatically.

Regarding the mp4 I’d follow @boynet2 's suggestion.

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I’m not interested to streaming services, at the moment.

I’ve done an example with a mp4 file, but the files can be zip, rar, mkv, etc…


You’ll need to set a page rule for “cache everything” to cache those file extensions.

Yes, I’ve altrady set up the page rules. I wanted a pre-catch, but I saw it isn’t possible.

About the stream, in the near future I’m developing it.


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