PR comment only made if additional commits pushed

Been trying out CF pages again and has generally been a great experience, but I’ve noticed a slight issue with the PR comments and checks feature when deploying from a GitHub repo.

If I:

  1. Make a commit on branch foo
  2. Push foo to github
  3. Create a PR from foo into main
  4. Make another commit to foo and push to github

The branch deploy for foo is made after step 2 as expected, but the PR doesn’t get the CF pages bot comment or the deployment success check until step 4 happens. I would expect it to happen after step 3.

I’m assuming this is because, at the point the build of step 2 is made, the PR doesn’t necessarily exist, however using Netlify it builds for both the branch and the PR, so it works as expected.

Is this a known issue?


This is due to the build finishing before you opened the PR. We are aware of that bug. Improving PR comments is definitely on the roadmap

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Fantastic, thanks! I’m not sure how high priority it is for the Pages team currently, but given it’s a fairly likely case to be encountered, and the influx of users I’d imagine Pages will be getting in the coming weeks (given the changes Netlify are making to their billing), it would be very useful to get this sorted.


We’re working on other pretty big things right now (like our v2 build image - Build Image Update · Discussion #1 · cloudflare/pages-build-image · GitHub) so I couldn’t say this would be fixed super soon. On the roadmap though

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