Our SSL for the domain: powerliens.com is not active. I need to make sure the certificate for (mt) MediaTemple SSL is the one being used.

Can you change it for us or point us in the direction of how to do it ourselves?

Thank you

I have checked, and I can access your Website via HTTPS and it is proxied via Cloudflare (:orange: clouds).

In case you would not have an SSL certificate installed at your host/origin, it would show an Cloudflare error and you would need to look up here:

Furthermore, if the domain is being proxied via Cloudflare (:orange: cloud - DNS A/AAA/CNAME www records, excluding A mail record), it would always have Cloudflare Universal SSL (SNI), while your host/origin server if it has got an SSL certificate installed, the Cloudflare would connect over HTTPS connection to your origin for each request (if the selected option under SSL tab/settings is Full SSL or Full SSL Strict).

Moreover, if you really want to use your own SSL certificate, then it is possible to upload it to Cloudflare, but requires an higher (Paid) plan like Business or Enterprise.

You can create certificates from your cloudflare dashboard (some for free, others you have to pay for)

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