Power BI embedded in website - report not rendering

Hello there,

We have an application that renders some Power BI reports, following more less this tutorial - [Embedding Power BI in Blazor] - can’t add link, so need to google it :smiley:

When application is not routed through Cloudflare, all works fine. But when traffic goes through Cloudflare - which is how we want to approach it, it does not render. Just a blank page, no http errors, neither nothing in Cloudflare logs for this URL.

Any idea what could be a root cause of that and how to diagnose it?


Hi @r.glebocki.ext

Have you managed to resolve your issue? I am encountering the same problem.

Thank you

Considering the embed is a third party link, I very much doubt it’s something to do with Cloudflare, but do you have a reproduction URL you can share?

Hi @matteo I can’t share the URL and in the following screenshot you can see the error displayed by the browser and also I can see lot of 400 Bad Request errors in the network logs raised against javascript and even images in some cases.

Yeah, those errors are definitely not from Cloudflare… the JSON responses are from the backend service.

But when I access the service from internal IP, everything is working fine

Have you tried accessing it without Cloudflare? Set the hostname as :grey:, it will most likely fail.

By the way, the developer said that he faced similar issue before when he tried to proxy PBI over Apache HTTP Server and he fixed it by adding following setting to Apache config
AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode
I don’t know what could be the case with Cloudflare.
Could this be related to URL normalization ?

Are you going direct to the Apache Server or to the backend?
Might be URL normalisation, but unfortunately I have never had any experience with this in conjunction with PowerBI.

Apache was used in internal environment.
Now I am setting up a public environment, so I am switching from Apache to Cloudflare for the proxying.
I don’t need Apache for this setup.

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