Potentially Suspicious File /cdn-cgi

Hi All,

While scanning Malware on my website, getting the message that Potentially Suspicious File’ " **'cdn-cgi ‘’

Kindly help me with what needs to be done.


/cdn-cgi is a path used by Cloudflare specific services and files. That path alone is empty…

What is the specific file you have issues with? I doubt it’s a problem, but more details are needed.

An example: https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/

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That is a file used on Challenge Pages by Cloudflare. It’s part of the WAF, the security product from Cloudflare.

As I expected, it’s totally benign.


Hi Matteo,

A lot of scanner websites are not able to access my site and also it is not working on the network of CMM-level companies and showing error 403 like below.


That sounds like a question that only Sucuri can answer.

Have you looked it up with Cloudflare Radar?

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