Potential SEO Issues - Google Fetch time really slow

Hi All, a few days ago I moved our popular UK website over to use Cloudflare DNS and opted initially to go with the PRO plan for the security and speed benefits, with the plan to upgrade to the Business plan if things where going well so we could use Railgun.

However after a couple of days we noticed in our google search console that avarge “Time Spent Downloading a page” has increased from around 240ms to 750ms. Also, the number of pages crawled per day decreased as well. You can see the image below of our stats.

I disabled Cloudflare and did a test using “Fetch as Google” for our homepage and then re-enabled Cloudflare and re-tested, and the results where as follows :

Download Time WITH Clouldfare: 0.617 seconds
Download Time WITHOUT Cloudflare: 0.142 seconds

I’ve decided to disable Cloudflare until this can be resolved, I have tried contacting support but they have so far been unable to resolve the issue. I am worried that with the extra time spent downloading a page by google, it will negatively effect my SEO, either by thinking the website performance isnt as good or just by not crawling and indexing as many pages.

Has anyone else had any similar issues and how did you resolve it? The speed our website when accessing it myself or using other speed tools, weren’t effected the same and where just as fast or slightly faster.

Could it be an issue with the location of my origin server being in the UK?

Thanks for any help or advice.

Has anyone had similar results and what have you done, if anything? Did your google rankings drop? Did the google fetch times improve over time?

Cloudflare support haven’t been able to give any reassurance other than saying because Cloudflare puts an extra step in the process, times can increase, but won’t specifically mention google bot or the seo side of things.

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