Potential Reduced AUTO SSL Coverage

Hi, i received an email with that heading and basically it said i will lose my ssl after 14 days… I have letsencrypt with my host.
I have emailed them for help but they said this to me

‘‘The Let’s Encrypt SSL is a free SSL that we offer and is automatically renewed every 3 months. However, the reason you are receiving these notifications is that the primary ‘A’ record for your domain does not resolve to our server. Your website is hosted externally so the SSL does not cover your website.’’

So what does this mean? will i still have my site protected or not… i have no idea if i should worry about this error or not…

Is there something i need to do on Cloudflare?

Your host is mistaken.

You may need to adjust some redirection settings in your Cloudflare. It is easy to break the ACME HTTP-01 challenge with the Always Use HTTPS option.

You can find more details in this cPanel article.

I haven’t touched anything, im hoping that on the 11th November, the ssl will still be fine since i assumed Cloudflare SSL is enabled and i have it to ‘‘full’’

You will need to in order to fix your problem

You need to use Full (strict) in order to be secure.

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