Potential origin cert download issue


I am trying to use the “Origin Cert” to secure between Cloudflare and my host web server. My understanding is that the downloaded cert should be issued to my domain, such as “mydomain.com”. However, the decoded cert shows:

  • Issued To: O=CloudFlare, Inc., OU=CloudFlare Origin CA, CN=CloudFlare Origin Certificate
  • Issued By: C=US, O=CloudFlare, Inc., OU=CloudFlare Origin SSL Certificate Authority, L=San Francisco, ST=California
  • Serial Number: 21 61 ee 9f 66 d8 6f ef 3c 7b 9f 14 9a c0 ed ac cd fa ff d7

Is the CN supposed to be “mydomain.com” instead of “CloudFlare Origin Certificate” ? I don’t see “mydomain.com” mentioned in any part of the cert.


In case of an Origin certificate the CN will always show that string, however the hostnames for which it was issued still show up in the SANs.

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Thanks for the quick explanation.

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