Potential documentation error for "Forwarding (URL Redirection)"

On the documentation page,

support . Cloudflare . com / hc/en-us/articles/218411427
(without the spaces)

The example suggests, under Forwarding (URL Redirection),
If the URL matches:
.examples . com/
Then the settings are:
Forwarding URL http :// example.com/$2/
Here, a request to “www . example . com / stuff/things” will be redirected to “http :// example . com/stuff/things”.

The example doesn’t seem right – and it didn’t work when I set it up on my domain – because of the trailing forward slash.

I think the example should have said “http :// example . com/$2” and not “http :// example . com/$2/”


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Agreed, that will add a trailing slash that can break the redirect. @cloonan?


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