Potential DNS Propagation Issue

We recently added two new A records to our DNS, however, we still aren’t seeing them propagated.

Here is a screenshot of the new records in question:

After implementation, we tested using this tool, and see the following:
account.215marketing.com IN 300 A
account.215marketing.com IN 300 A
account.215marketing.com IN 300 AAAA

We also used Google Admin Toolbox to check propagation status also and it shows the same thing as above (I can’t attach another media item to this post per Cloudflare Community rules or else I’d post the screenshot here as well).

We believe there is some sort of issue preventing propagation and would appreciate some help in troubleshooting & resolving. Thank you in advance!

DNS records which are Proxied will always display Cloudflare IP addresses to the public, and changing the Origin IP address will not cause the proxy IP to change.

The IP you are entering is not however the IP of your Origin server, so your visitors will get an error accessing those hostnames.

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