Potential DDOS

Hi! I thought it best to start here.

My site (https://www.esedirect.co.uk) is becoming unresponsive occasionally (HTTP 524).
I set up some monitoring to see when this is happening and had a look at the server performance for these time periods. I’m seeing a spike in network traffic and CPU usage at the same time.

Also, checking the webserver logs I’m seeing a lot of requests to the same URL from the same ip address.

I’m thinking rate limiting might be the way forwards for us, is there a way to cap the billing for this?
Though I was under the impression a level DDoS protection was built in to CloudFlare (we’re on the pro plan).

I’m open to suggestions as to how to deal with this issue, or being pointed in the right direction.
Thanks in advance for your patience!

I don’t think you can cap billing, but I believe you can set a reminder. In the Cloudflare Dashboard, your profile has a Billing Section. Check for Billable Usage. You can set the notification there.

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Are those requests actually going through Cloudflare? Unless you have a firewall that whitelists Cloudflare’s IP addresses and blocks everything else, someone could be making requests directly to your server. Additionally, Cloudflare doesn’t rate limit by default; you may want to enable that, though it costs extra.

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This is useful thank you.

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