PostScribe and Rocket Loader

I have a blog ইতল বিতল

After adding Google adsense ad, it became very slow. Page Speed Insight suggests to avoid document.write()

Then I found PostScribe
My question: Does rocket loader do what PostScribe does? I mean, should I use PostScribe if I use rocket loader?

PostScribe has cloudflare cdnjs:

But I don’t want to add an extra request if not necessary, as my site is very slow already.

Please let me know if anybody has any idea.

Thank you.


Absolutely right! its bad and does not follow “best practice” standards. Just use it if you know what you do and you really have to, as there is no other way to achive the same natively (which normally always is possible)

I actually have never used PostScribe and just one or two times (accidentally) RocketLoader and I am not a big fan of bth.

Does not mean anything as most free opensource JS libraries do have.

If you implement RocketLoader OR PostScribe you do not have to add it as external ressource, but you can save it locally and add it to your combined JS file, so it would make your JS file bigger, but would not produce any additional request. And yes, its clever to avoid external requests.

If you already know/analysed this you already know what the problem is. So the Adsense JS-Part seems not to be very optimized and therefore slows down your site. Does have nothing to do with CloudFlare NOR does it seem that the CloudFlare product (Rocketloader) is not working properly so you most probaly will not get any help here as your problem is 100% not related to CloudFlare.

Can you explain that a bit more in detail? How do you determinate that your site is slow?
Just to say this already: low GPSI ranking does not mean your site is slow! It actually states that it is not well optimized but still can be very fast.


Well, Google. Do not mind the score so much if your Website contains external resources such as ads served via Google AdSense.

There is a way to test your Website using the tool “Publisher ads audits for Lighthouse”:

Have you tried using async attribute on your resources?

Moreover, you can disable Rocket Loader for specific file or generally disable Rocket Loader at Cloudflare dashboard → Speed → Optimization if it causes some issues or is in a conflict with some script.

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