Posts Not Indexing on our GSC

Recently we integrated Cloudflare and blocked all countries except US, UK, Canada, and India. We added rules to secure our website. Everything went well, and we started posting articles on our website, but now we are facing issue with indexing in Google Search Console. We have tried troubleshooting and fixing it on our own but failed. So, we are reaching out for help. A screenshot is attached for reference.

I’m in none of those countries and I can access the site.

True. I saw a Cloudflare verification screen before the site loaded.

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Yes, it’s part of the rules. But as of now, we are not getting a proper solution for indexing our posts.

What is the rule you are using?

Normal country block rules, but the issue has still not been resolved and google bots are giving me
“Page cannot be indexed: Blocked due to access is forbidden (403)”. Also, Ahrefs bot were not able to crawl my site so I have to remove the country block rule on my website Mount Shine

Define normal?

What countries are you (not) blocking?

I’ve blocked a few countries like china, Russia and all where we are not doing business.