Postback issues

Hello there,

im currently trying to setup an postback for my website.

Im also using cloudflare for security on my end.

In my app im using an ipfilter for whitelisting the IP’s of my postback provider. But cloudflare proxyfies all the GET requests coming from there. How can i configure a rule to exclude the providers ip from being proxied?

Thanks in advance!

What’s wrong with proxying the GET requests?

Can you set your postback provider to use a different hostname? One that’s set to :grey: DNS Only. Or will they let you put in the origin IP address as part of your configuration there?

I can’t handle the postback since I’m checking if the requesting IP is in my whitelist. When the get requests are proxied, i don’t know which ips are valid. I only know the 4 ips of my provider .

Yes I can set it to a new hostname, maybe it works when I’m creating a subdomain for it and then disable proxying. I tried that earlier with my main hostname but then I got SSL issues for some reason. (No valid certificate)

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