POST-requests being morphed to PUT


Anyone familiar with the following issue: I’m using a simple HTML form which normally does a POST request to a certain endpoint, in combination with a “_method=PUT” parameter. This results in the server recognizing it as a PUT-request (although receiving it as a POST). Courtesy of Laravel 5 php framework for those of you interested.

For some reason, the form now actually sends a PUT-request which makes me think it might be the cloudflare protection causing this. I can see clearly in the browser debug menu (firefox/chrome) a PUT-request is being sent after submitting the form. The “_method=PUT” parameter still exists in the data parameters though.

In addition i’ve also switched hosts, which means my webserver is now IIS instead of Apache previously. I couldnt quite catch where the problem lied, since a webserver shouldnt dictate how a frontend html form can send a PUT request right?

Anyone got any clues?